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A summary of my approach and work carried out


​My aim is to make the biggest positive impact in the world I can, by supporting and encouraging change.  Change in the way people think, in the way they act, and in the way they embrace life.

This includes challenging people and their work in a frank and honest way, revisiting what is meaningful.

It is my great hope that we, collectively, will redress what has been done and go forth with far more insight and wisdom than we have in recent times. 

Where people will gain true meaning in their life, value those around them and positively contribute to the extraordinary world we live in. 

Rose Challies



I have been fortunate to work in multiple countries tackling social and environmental change.  I have worked in a range of sectors including education, sport, communities, charities, social enterprise, business, government and

independent funding.  Highlights include:

  • Developing transformational change strategies, impact frameworks, and critical Board and governance support, with clients in Europe, Oceania and Asia

  • Driving a large-scale, change approach for environmental change in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Developing a new impact-led approach to grant making and assessment in UK.

  • Setting national standards for ethics, equity and responsible governance in sport for UK National Governing Bodies and their respective members.

  • Implementing systems change and leading practice for the protection of children in Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Executive and other sector leaders.

  • I have also carried out comprehensive reviews and provided advisory support for some of the largest and most progressive donors & funders of charities and social enterprises in the world.

However, some of my best achievements are found amongst the personal progress & achievements

of my clients, inspired leaders around the world, of big and small,

all tackling social and environmental change.

If you want to make a change in the world, I can help.

Get in touch with me today for a free consultation.

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Information and links on key work outside consultancy


Impact measurement for change organisations

This framework for impact measurement was developed over years of testing across multiple social and environmental needs and organisation types.  With the support of the NEXT Foundation I have now developed it into a shareable, practical tool for any organisation wanting to change the world.  From large scale initiatives to small, local projects - the model provides a way to dive deep into the difference you're making.  Unlike other models this impact measurement tool allows organisations to get to the heart of their work - embracing qualitative analysis and kicking the assumption 'it can't be measured' well and truly out the door!

Accountable Change Model ©Rose Challies.png

CHANGING THE WORLD:  a young person's guide to social entrepreneurship

Practical book to help develop a social enterprise

I co-authored this book with Katie Cohen to help young people explore social ideas and to help build into a social project or even a business. It was supported by UnLtd, the major social entrepreneur funder in the UK, and has been used in higher education institutions across the UK. 


It sets out key information and a range of activities that people can follow through to test out their ideas, to challenge their thinking and to establish a sound basis for setting up a social enterprise.   

Changing the World:

a young person's guide to social entrepreneurship

Click PDF icon to download (12MB)

GIVE TO CHANGE coming soon!

How-to for donating

I developed Give to Change to provide information on how to donate to make a difference, a real change.  Whether you have just a small one-off donation or a large fund, your resources are valuable and there are many ways to make sure they make a big impact.  The site also encourages us to be critical of 'good' work and to ask challenging questions and demand independent information. 


For more information on any of the projects or other work set out here please don't hesitate to get in touch

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