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Rose has been implementing and enabling change for over 20 years, showing how individuals and businesses can thrive without exploiting people or planet. 

She goes inward to enable an outward positive impact for you, your organisation and every being on earth. 

A thought leader and framework builder, including the Accountable Change Model, an evidence-based, strategic change approach. She gets to the heart of why we are here and what our contribution can be.

Rose brings new perspectives and approaches, built on her first hand experience of social and environmental issues and identifying catalysts for change.  She has also taken change to a national and multi-national level, developing national policies and standards, cross-sector strategies and practice, large scale collaborations and the effective resourcing of these in multiple countries.

Advocate & Advisor


Rose has advised on the strategic spend of billions of dollars to achieve change, working with governments, major funders, NGOs, businesses and charities globally.  Critical issues have included environmental change, protection of children, addressing inequality, upholding human rights & data protection, migration & human trafficking. And has advocated for community-owned business, strategic philanthropy, supporting change-makers, and social & environmental accountability. She is currently on the Board of the Terra Nova Foundation, Philanthropy NZ and Seed the Change | He Kakano Hāpai, and is a NEXT Foundation Fellow.

Of the Earth for the Earth

Rose, beyond her international expertise, is incredibly grounded and spiritually connected. 

It is from these gifts that she has advised and mentored boards, political leaders, non-profit leaders and philanthropists internationally on how to achieve change in a way that embraces who we are and our connection to earth.

Sector Experience

Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

Major European & Australasian Foundations & Philanthropists on change & impact, including helping set up multiple foundations and major reviews of top UK Funders e.g. Big Lottery 5yr fund review (£2.5b funds), Comic Relief 5yr Review (£50m funds), Lloyds TSB Foundation (£110m funds)


Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

Business & social enterprise impact & change support for local to international brands with industries including food, sport/sporting goods, recycling, IOT services, education, health/wellbeing, community engagement e.g. Nike, PWC, MyBnk, UnLtd (multiple start-ups), Premier League


Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

Westminster, Scottish Executive, Local & Regional Authorities in UK and Aotearoa NZ (Areas: change/impact in environment, equity, discrimination/human rights, child protection, data protection, people leaving prison, refugees/asylum seekers, major events)


Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

Change & impact support for local to international NFPs, including human rights, environment, child protection, equity, diversity, data protection, anti-doping, anti-human trafficking, community-owned business, migrants, refugee/asylum seekers, youth, education, disabilities, low income/poverty

e.g. Justice & Care, Wilderness Foundation, Kick it Out, MindApples, GB Special Olympics

Not for Profit

Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

Football Foundation Panel

(England & Wales)

Charities Aid Foundation

NHS Innovation Fund
UK Young Achiever Awards
Stand Up Speak Up, Chair (Nike and King Baudouin Foundation)

Assessment of Scottish Executive Funding Decisions on Race

Lloyds TSB Foundation


Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient

UNESCO Anti-doping Convention, Paris, France
World Anti-Doping Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

World Women in Sport Conference, Montreal, Canada
European Sport Conference,

Dubrovnik, Croatia

UK Representation

Making change: National Policies & Standards

In addition to the publications over the years, Rose has written & co-written multiple policies, standards & frameworks for sport & the third sector, many of which have been ground-breaking at the time, including:


UK Equity/Equality Standard for Sport


Scottish Child Protection Policy & Procedures (3rd Sector)


Human Rights & Data Protection Guidance for UK NGBs


Ethics in Sport Framework (UK & Scotland)


UK Anti-doping in Sport Policy & Rules

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