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Reset your direction, challenge your status quo and be equipped for the future - don't just survive, thrive!
Connect with Rose to be a leader and change-maker for a positive future; build a thriving living legacy everyone will be proud of


Rose Challies

Rose Challies is the leading voice on change led by people and planet.


Advising governments, businesses and philanthropists globally on the approaches & actions that make real impact.

Now based in Aotearoa New Zealand, Rose has driven large-scale change and supported world class leaders & change-makers across sectors & industries.


Her direct approach & cutting edge strategies ensure you and your organisation will lead the way for people and planet.

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"Her methods are unique and effective - she knows how to draw out the best in people and organisations, to gain real clarity and progression for their organisations"

Tim Brown, Raw Material


Rose has unique skills and experience that shift, inspire and take you forward in a way you knew but hadn't thought possible. Her decades of experience at the top of her field brings insight like no other.



Speaking engagements to inspire & activate change

Rose is an engaging and inspirational speaker, having spoken at events around the world on change and how to make an impact.
Her expertise and experience across government, business and not-for-profits in a range of countries, and the adversities and triumphs she has encountered, comes through in the engaging stories and insight she brings.


University of Canterbury, Business School (Entre Inspiring Speakers Series)
Brannigans Executive Club,
Ōtautahi Christchurch
(World Class Panel, Environmental Leadership)
Australia & NZ Smart Cities + Digital Twin Conference
(Environment-led Digital Future)


Changing the World:

a young person's guide to social entrepreneurship

Changing the World A young persons guide

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